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Recycling is utilizing old resources to make new goods, simply put; it’s finding innovative ways of modernization. This means using less energy, using less landfills for dumping which means less toxins in our air and water.
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Recycling is utilizing old resources to make new goods, simply put; it’s finding innovative ways of modernization. When you recycle you are using less energy, less natural resources and dumping less into our landfills. Recycling reduces our carbon footprint which decreases toxins and pollutions for both our air and water qualities, which leaves our world a better place for future generations.

When it comes to recycling USTRG focuses on two key issues:

– The first key issue is data security and destruction. USTRG ensures that sensitive data doesn’t fall in the wrong hands, by using the highest standards in the industry for data sanitization. For more information see our Data Removal page.

– The second key issue is proper recycling and disposal in accordance to EPA, SERI and RIOS standards. Unlike other big name companies that claim they are recycling by keeping what’s salvageable, and dumping the rest to improper recyclers or sending it to third world countries with little to no environmental laws; USTRG does it’s recycling locally. Anything we don’t recycle to it’s end stage in-house, is all processed by R2 certified downstream vendors.

USTRG accepts all kinds of Computer & IT Equipment that include but are not limited to:

PC Computers, Laptops Computers, Servers, Mainframes, Communication Equipment,  PDA’s, LCD Monitors, Test Equipment, and many more. Feel free to contact our office at 614-850-0202 with any questions you may have about acceptable items for drop off recycling.

We DON’T accept appliances , CRT Monitors or TVs ,Cell Phones , Tablets, inkjet Printers and Florescent bulbs.

Recycling Drops Offs can be completed from 10:00am to 5:00pm EST Monday-Friday at our warehouse Dock #17. Please call ahead to 614-850-0202 to ensure the dock is clear for your drop off. If you do not call ahead, please stop by the front office (under the black canopy, next to dock#17), to advise of your drop off.

Large or bulk item pick ups are available for scheduling. See our Equipment Removal page for more details.

Please Feel Free To Contact Us