USTRG | Certifications
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R2v3 Responsible Recycling

USTRG has achieved the R2v3 Responsible Recycling certification for e-waste and sustainability. This certification is a testament to USTRG’s commitment to responsible practices and environmental stewardship.

USTRG’s dedication to recycling electronic waste responsibly showcases their understanding of the importance of minimizing the impact on our environment. By obtaining the R2v3 certification, it demonstrates that USTRG follows strict guidelines and procedures to ensure the safe handling, processing, and disposal of electronic waste materials.

This achievement also reflects USTRG’s sustainable approach towards e-waste management. With the R2v3 certification, USTRG ensures that the materials recovered from electronic waste are reused or recycled in an environmentally friendly manner, reducing the need for new raw materials and preserving valuable resources.

By choosing USTRG as your e-waste recycling partner, you can trust that your electronic devices will be handled responsibly and sustainably. USTRG’s team of experts are not only knowledgeable about best practices in e-waste management, but they are also dedicated to providing exceptional customer service.