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We are a small, local company with BIG ideas. USTRG will help you to recycle because you care. You care about the world we live in, and care for the people that share in this world. We can do this by insuring that we preserve our natural resources, and reduce our waste.

Technology changes fast so that companies, governments, schools, hospitals and all types of businesses need to regularly to upgrade their IT hardware. This means a lot of waste! The storing or dumping of unwanted equipment, isn’t the solution, and is risky. USTRG will help your company or organization to identify what is valuable, and resalable, and will get you the maximum recovery value through our multi channels of marketing networks. We will insure that data is secured, and we will secure the liability from you. You can feel assured that we are adhering to the highest standards in the industry, we believe in responsible recycling. This mean that all materials not sellable, or recyclable, or destroyed in an EPA compliant manner. A lot of companies claim this, but they send unsalvageable to third world countries, which have few child labor laws, so that a young child might be handling our dangerous goods.


By recycling locally, you can be assured the recyclables are handled in a safe, EPA compliant manner. We should all prosper by maximizing our resources, and minimizing waste, which means using less energy, less landfills for dumping, less toxins in our air and water. It pays you to care…

Data Security

Proper recycling and disposal in accordance to EPA standard is the key at USTRG. USTRG does the recycling locally. This means that sensitive data is less likely to be compromised and can be securely destroyed

USTGR Advantage

USTRG will help your School, business or organization uninstalling the old equipment. Please click here to see the procedures for equipment removal.

Asset Recovery

With how fast technology changes; companies, government, and small businesses, need to regularly upgrade their IT hardware infrastructures.


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