USTRG | Data Removal
USTRG insures that sensitive data doesn’t get in the wrong hands, as mentioned before with improper recycling; by using the highest standards in the industry for destroying sensitive information that complies with department of defense (DOD) 5220-22M.
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Data Sanitization & Removal

USTRG ensures that sensitive data doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. As previously mentioned, we use the highest standards in the industry for destroying sensitive information. Our procedures comply with the Department of Defence (DOD) 5220-22M, NIST Guidelines for Media Sanitization, SERI and RIOS Standard Practices.

Transfer of Liability Documents and/or Data Sanitization Certificates can be provided upon request for recyclable items that contain Hard Drives.

USTRG will also remove and destroy any asset tags or labels that can identify the products previous owners.

For organizations that need an extra level of data security, USTRG offers on-site service for data destructions. Please contact us for more information.

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