Asset Recovery

With how fast technology changes; companies, government, and small businesses, need to regularly upgrade their IT hardware infrastructures. The storing or dumping of unwanted equipment isnít the solution and it is too risky. USTRG will help your company or organization identify whatís valuable and resalable, and will get you the maximum recovery value through our multi channels re-marketing networks. USTRG will also insures that sensitive data doesnít get in the wrong hands, as mentioned before with improper recycling; by using the highest standards in the industry for destroying sensitive information that complies with department of defense (DOD) 5220-22M. Also USTRG will remove and destroy any asset tags, or labels that can identify the company, and certificate of transferring lability will issued. USTRG will recycle the obsolete equipment according to the EPA compliant guidelines. For more information please contact our asset recovery specialist.

Why Asset Recovery through USTRG?

  • Multi channel marketing network
  • EPA-compliant no landfill, no exporting of asset for recycling
  • DOD 5220-22M compliant hard drive data removal
  • Over 6 years experience in evaluation IT equipment
  • Certificate of transferring liability
  • No minimum requirements, No hidden fees


Proper recycling and disposal in accordance to EPA standard is the key at USTRG. USTRG does the recycling locally. This means that sensitive data is less likely to be compromised and can be securely destroyed... more info
Recycling is utilizing old resources to make new goods, simply put; itís finding innovative ways of modernization. This means using less energy, using less landfills for dumping which means less toxins in our air and water... more info